412: Superhuman Performance Secrets


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Write ONE word to describe your performance this week.I'll go first. It's "fire."I got so much done, and I learned a lot. But it wasn't always like this. I used to wake up pumped and then slowly give in to my bad habits.Scrolling through social media, eating carbs and fried foods, skipping my journaling sessions, not exercising, etc.Weeks would go by, and I hardly got anything done. I would ask myself, "Why is this happening?"Looking back, I knew the answer already. I wasn't taking care of the basics.You could own a race car, but if you don't inflate the tires, you don't change the oil, and you use the wrong fuel, it will not perform at its full potential.Your body and mind are the same. When you feel down and unproductive, ALWAYS go back to the basics.Once you take care of them, everything else will fall into place. You will gain clarity, focus, and your purpose will light a fire inside you!

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