415: Hire The Right People For Your Agency (How To Hire Freelancers)


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I can’t believe I wasted a full year working with a mediocre team. And the sad part is that I thought I had done everything right. I posted a job, went through the job applications, booked and ran ten interviews, and picked the best candidate. Little that I knew, people can be amazing during the interview process but turn into below-average contractors once they start working. I had to change something. Enter the tryout model. I come from a digital marketing background, so my number one focus is testing, testing testing. Why didn’t I think about it earlier??? All I needed to do was hire four or five contractors (the ones that aced the interview) and give them a trial project to work on. The variables were all the same. They were working on the same project. Sure, I was paying four people to do one task, but the upsides of this project are unbelievable. At the end of the four-hours, I had a clear understanding of their communication skills, attention to detail, speed, and coachability. All I needed to do at this point was hire the winner for the full project. Interestingly enough, I actually ended up keeping other freelancers in mind for future projects. Applying the split testing model to real-life projects has been a game-changer in my business and I know that you will find the same!SHOW LESS

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