Institutional buyers, SFR Portfolios and More with Adam Stern


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Join Sterling Chapman and Adam Stern as they talk about the Institutional Single-Family Real Estate Industry. Adam is the founder and CEO of Strata SFR, a build-for-rent and single-family rental portfolio brokerage. He sheds light on single-family rentals going to institutional investors and how this affects the market at large.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Institutional SFR industry elaborated
  • Criteria of institutions when finding a property to buy
  • Do institutional investors still get higher returns?
  • Exit strategies when buying a build-to-rent
  • A social network developed for real estate
  • And so much more!

About Adam Stern:

Adam Stern is a leading expert on the Build-for-Rent market providing guidance on go-to-market strategies for regional builders and land/lot developers intent on expanding their transaction volume and revenue by servicing the ever increasing demand for Single Family Rentals (SFR), particularly from institutional investors that own and operate rental homes in the US. Adam is also an authority on the acquisition and disposition of SFR portfolios nationwide. He has helped facilitate SFR transactions totaling hundreds of millions in volume. Adam was one of the earliest to recognize that portfolios of stabilized Single-Family Rentals were a product that deserved a specialized service and built a robust network of owners and buyers active in the space.

Adam co-founded OwnAmerica, a marketplace for single-family rental property portfolios that Renter’s Warehouse acquired in late 2018. Later, he founded Strata SFR, a boutique brokerage focusing on Build-For-Rent SFR opportunities across the US.

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