E57. No Basic Vaginas. How to Avoid Bacterial Vaginosis w/ Dr. Ruthie Arumala (REVIEW)


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Dr. Ruthie Arumala is an Ob/Gyn at Texas Hugley Medical Associates in Mansfield, Texas. Dr. Arumala is a young, vibrant physician that provides individualized, comprehensive care to women with a range of Ob/Gyn concerns.

Dr. Arumala began her collegiate journey at the University of Maryland College Park where she earned a Bachelor of Science degrees in Cellular/Molecular Biology & Genetics and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She continued on to Mercer University School of Medicine where she received a Master of Public Health (MPH).

She then earned a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. She proceeded to postgraduate residency training at Georgetown University where she specialized as an Ob/Gyn.

Dr. Arumala pursued a career in Ob/Gyn to provide excellent medical care to women who look like her and who experience similar concerns as her. She is a passionate advocate for women’s issues such as sexual assault and domestic violence.

Dr. Arumala hosts of the Pretty in Pink podcast which is available on Apple podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud. The Pretty in Pink podcast was inspired by her friends who asked question that sparked discussions about topics that every woman should discuss with their gynecologist. It essentially is a modern woman’s guide to health!

According to Dr. Arumala "Women’s empowerment is my life’s work. My avenue is ensuring a woman’s health is optimized to enable her to be a career queen, boss lady, super momma, excellent partner and fabulous bestie."

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