Is Glucose The Cause Of Chronic Disease? – With Dr. Casey Means


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In this episode, we unpack every single question you have about glucose.

Dr. Casey’s mission is to use scientific knowledge as a tool to maximize the human experience for herself and her patients. Life is precious, and Dr. Casey believes that science can help us all experience better, happier, and healthier lives if we choose to effectively implement scientific knowledge.

Originally from Washington, DC, Dr. Casey headed west for college and graduated with Honors from Stanford University with a degree in Human Biology, with a concentration in the Cellular and Genetic Basis of Disease. She completed her medical degree at Stanford School of Medicine and subsequently trained to be a Head & Neck Surgeon at OHSU before the transition to Functional Medicine.

In this podcast, Is Glucose The Cause Of Chronic Disease, we cover:

  • Why we need to look at glucose more frequently
  • All about the reasons our healthcare system needs to focus on root causes
  • How wearables are revolutionizing behavior change
  • About the correlation between metabolic health and Covid mortality
  • The importance of minimizing inflammatory triggers

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