A Cure For The Blues


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Talk about suffering the Blues in more ways than one! In the depths of despair we’ll attempt to therapeutically heal our souls by dissecting the devastating loss to Carlton in the Restump preview podcast.
Some losses hurt and some demoralize. Considering what was at stake and given the opportunity that had been presented to us over the previous seven days, this result was of the latter.
Missed tackles and inaccuracy combined to pull the top eight placed prized rug from under our unproductive horrendously inaccurate kicking boots. In fact, that’s being a little too generous. The rug wasn’t pulled from under us, we tripped on it and fell arse backwards into bottom eight purgatory!
We proved up the philosophy that time and tide wait for no man as we once again set about the contest 10 minutes into the first quarter. How we continue to roll out these lethargic starts is as difficult a question for coach JL to answer as it is us. They have plagued us in a similar manner to the inaccurate goal kicking all year.
Without a doubt Fyfe was underdone and, to their credit, Carlton players deliberately went after him. While still highly productive, understandably, he wasn’t as Fyfe-like as he usually is. Was the risk playing him worth it? We have mixed emotions.
Andy Brayshaw showed again why he is the future leader of this club. Hail rain or shine he shows up and produces. With a hamstrung Fyfe, David Mundy stepped up and delivered a Fyfe type third quarter to deliver us what should have been a victory.
Is Luke Ryan our most important player? Jojo thinks so. But the Chief wants to see a return of his entertaining and efficient mark guarding antics.
The Fyfe’s Mundy’s Brayshaws, Ryans and Pearce types unconditionally find a way and epitomize the anytime anywhere mentality but it’s the second-tier players sporadic positive performances that potentially distort the reality. The inability to be consistently productive must raise questions at seasons’ end.
How do you smash a team in the inside 50s, the hit outs, the clearances, win the contested possession, generate more scoring shots and lose the game? How do you possibly have 13 inside 50s in the final quarter and kick the solitary point?
Is our season now over? While we remain mathematically a chance, us fans will never let the candle of hope’s flame die out.
Aside from the game, Jojo McDonnell breaks some interesting comments regarding a former Fremantle favourite. If he is to be believed, and keep in mind Jojo doesn’t deal in hyperbole, indulge in guess work or harness hypotheticals, the great Chris Mayne is set to rejoin the Dockers on a one year playing contract before retiring and entering the coaching ranks. While the Chief doesn’t know anything he is prepared to say that if jojo said it, we can ‘take it to the bank.’
So if you’re just soul searching, trying to work through the grief of Saturday night, join us as part of a Freo fan 60 minute group therapy session. But be warned, we’re far from trained professionals, we’re not science backed and we could well be the equivalent of an adverse reaction to the therapeutic vaccine. Do your own research, its obvious the risks aren’t worth the listening, but we’re all Freo folk, we live on the edge.

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