Derby Or Not Derby


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It has been an unusually sombre Derby week this week, due to the departure of the great Stephen Hill. Finals are gone, Brayshaw sidelined and no send of game for Hilly. The Restump Podcast talks everything purple and we preview Sunday’s ominous task against the West Coasters! But is a win Derby or not Derby, that is the question!
While sad for Stephen Hill unable to get up for a send-off game, we celebrate his wonderful career. We also give Dave Mundy another pat on the back as equals the great man Matty Pavlich’s 353 game record.
It’s been a tumultuous season and last week’s loss to Richmond put a devastating exclamation point on it for so many reasons.
However, while our season is all but over as far as finals are concerned, let us not go out without trying to take out our foes over the other side of the river.
Both sides are in horrible form and sadly we go in Sunday, on the back of 11 straight derby losses, severely undermanned. To make matters worse, we’re up against a pretty much full-strength West Coast Eagles.
Could we possibly do the unthinkable? They have been embarrassed of late and their season is literally on the line Sunday so they have enormous incentive to win. No Fyfe, no Brayshaw? That’s a big hole in our engine room.
But we have to ask the questions, how many goals from free kicks will Jack Darling be gifted? Who will Luke “Sniper” Shuey go to and which teenager will Andy Gaff send to the dentist?
We might’ve endured a few flat days this week but come hell or high water, we’ll be ready and in full voice Sunday arvo.
So if you’re also feeling a bit flat from the week and in need of a ‘pick-me-up’, for God’s sake don’t put your faith in us… we’re not Daniel Kerr! However, Jojo’s insight and common sense and the Chief’s bulldust might have to suffice!

If you’re in desperate need of something to click and you can’t find a clicky pen, then there’s a play button here to click if you can endure 40 minutes of ultra-purple palaver!

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