200 Games Of Fyfe Life


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199 bone jarring bruising combative games - the life of Fyfe!
We’ve also got a vital game to win so we celebrate Fyfey’s 200th and preview Saturday’s Hawks clash in North Antarctica on this episode of the Restump podcast.
There is little you can add to the Fyfe conversation that hasn’t already been delivered numerous times this week and there are no unused superlatives. Quite simply, all us Freo fans are eternally grateful he wears the purple and we’re all in on him, the full package, wayward kicking boots and all.
While the Fyfe show rolls on, we have to take care of the Hawks to keep our nanoscopic finals chances alive. Certainly a tough ask when you’re previously zip and 10 against your opponent in Tasmania.
Luke Bruest is hoping the Conca Truck won’t be a late in off the emergency list but someone who is in is Bailey Banfield, returning after almost 12 months out of the side. Out of contract at years end, he’ll need to make every post a winner.
Last week against the Blues was gut wrenching. We destroyed a top 8 opportunity and now the door is only just slightly ajar. Currently in 10th we’re now half a game and 5% behind the Giants in 8th, a game and 3% behind 7th placed West Coast and 8% short of Richmond in 9th. All that adds up to a must win this weekend.
We beat the Hawks in an elimination final in 2010 but then they broke our hearts in the 2013 grand final before backing up two years later to knock us out in the 2015 preliminary final. That was the last time we tasted finals so it’s fair to say we owe them.
Heading down to the seemingly often wet, always windy apple isle to play a game that starts Saturday morning in the West obviously isn’t high on the fans’ wish list, or at least Jojo’s wish list, based on his lack of enthusiasm and lethargic performance in this episode of the podcast!
Anyway there’s 40 minutes of listening to Freo fanfare for those that wish to attempt it. Listening to the Restump is a bit like taking on the gigantic Parmi in the Pub challenge, everyone tries it, very view get through it but no one goes around a second time!

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