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We needed to be shaken and stirred yesterday, to be woken from the slumber we were in at bounce down. While we always manage to salvage some small positive, it’s a sombre, somewhat angry and finger pointing Restump preview podcast.
Double Oh Seven first quarter! It was our worst quarter, in terms of number of points with no goals, in our entire history. Our previous worst single first quarter, oddly enough, the same game in 2006 round 3 when Port kicked 0 goals 5 points and we kicked 0 goals 6.
How does your opponent get 130 disposals to your 61 in a quarter of footy and still win the tackle count 23 to 10 while doing so?
The experienced players were where the disappointment began and while it may be an overreactive and emotively charged call, the Chief has Acres heading to an alternative pasture next year and has a plate of Lobster on the table, the trade table.
Goal kicking was a disaster yet again but that isn’t the major story. The 'pressures-less' first quarter is an all too familiar movie and the momentary comeback wallpapered over the cracks.
Brennan Cox had several nightmarish moments and was caught stargazing on one occasion! C’mon Coxy….. you’re near on 2 metres tall weighing 100 kegs… you can’t be trying to out-nimble Orazio!
However, you can bang on all you like about Fyfey’s wayward kicking but God knows what yesterday would have looked like without him. Take his lopsided scores out of the picture and he’s going as good as, if not better than anyone in the league. He just needs a few helpers to follow his lead. “Animalistic” was the highly appropriate term Jojo attributed to his contested work.
The big man Sean Darcy worked into the game after being bamboozled by Dixon starting in the ruck, Cerra was Cerra-like and its always nice to have Andy Brayshaw back.
Jojo McDonnell, with first hand knowledge, paints an insightful picture regarding Liam Henry, which should genuinely have Fremantle fans pleased with where he is at and super excited about where he is going.
It was a tough game to watch and a demoralising result to accept, but we're not strangers to adversity. Fremantle fans eat despair for breakfast! We’ll once again pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and look to next week where we will suit up to take on…… oh for Christ’s sake the Dogs? Really!
From the depths we rise once again as we Never Say Never. So lend us your ears as we try to make sense of the momentary mess and join us as we finish off giving yesterday the Goldfinger. At the very least we'll make your journey to work seem shorter.

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