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The struggle to get this episode of the Restump Podcast completed has been extraordinarily real. Numerous ‘technical’ issues, a race against mobile battery time and a long afternoon lunch that ended at about 11pm all conspired against us. (the culprit's initials are Jojo McDonnell) However, we pushed through and now the preview of Sunday’s clash against the red-hot Western Bulldogs is, albeit a day late, finally out.
Before Sunday’s contest though we have the Dream Time game Saturday evening and what a magnificent spectacle it promises to be. Massively supported by us West Aussies, with tickets disappearing quicker than Michael Braun in late 2008.
On Sunday the super slick Sonny Walters, Liam Henry and Nathan Wilson lead the indigenous charge against the Bulldogs and they’ll represent their culture, their people and the Fremantle football club exceptionally well and they’ll leave Freo fans proud.
It will have to be all hands-on deck for four quarters by the entire team if we’re to be any hope of pinching what seems an unlikely win. Combatting the Bullies’ classy and highly productive midfield is an unenviable assignment.
If their mids aren’t scary enough, then probably don’t let your eyes wander down to their forward line because you’ll see current Coleman medal 3rd placed holder Josh Bruce and 7th placed, incredibly mobile and accomplished aerialist Aaron Naughton occupying plenty of forward 50 real estate.
While we lose Switkowski and Tobe, our bookends are back! Griff and Tabs return to add some much-needed size and stature at either ends of the ground. Throw in full 4 quarters of Lobb effort and a Cyclone you don’t want to stand in front of and suddenly there seems some hope!
Freo fans obviously harbour hopes for a victory, but we simply need to see an enhanced effort based, predominantly defensive focused approach from all 22 players and potentially the medical sub. It’s also imperative we’re ready to go as soon as the initial siren sounds and not 20 minutes later. This nodding off ‘slow out of the blocks’ strategy has got knobs on it!
Jojo McDonnell returns from his North West holiday in a day or two so we can expect better performances from the Restump team in podcasts to come. Leaving the Chief with responsibility has proven a failed experiment.
However, don’t let that stop you getting this purple nonsense in your ears on your way to the game Sunday while you’re sitting on the bus or the train. Having said that said, I wouldn’t undersell the noise of public transport as a comparable and possible preferred option!

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