Just Carrying A Calf


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Somewhere along the line the Darcy diagnosis was lost in translation. It was all a misunderstanding and he’s good to go against the Tiges! It’s the Restump Podcast’s preview of Sunday's Freo V Richmond clash.
While the season is still mathematically alive, finals are all but gone. It feels like the pressure is off so its time to simply enjoy a game of Freo footy for what it is.
They’ve been named in the squad but do Joel Western and Nathan O’Driscoll make the final cut? Josh Treacy has been largely confirmed so that leaves two remaining positions and a medical sub. With the loss of Alex Pearce, we might need an Ethan Hughes or a Tobe Watson.
We chat contracts, the Cerra announcement getting pulled from channel 7, Reece Conca’s offensive trigger extension clause, Rory Lobb’s manager shopping him around and the sad seemingly end to Stephen Hill.
The ridiculous and competition compromising change in the academy rules has typically screwed us in our endeavours to potentially recruit Jesse Motlop!
However, on that topic, just days after they amended their drafting policy to read “public school kids need not apply,” it seems the Karma Train may have stopped in at West Coast station as they failed to register Hale School’s Neil Erasmus for their academy.
Jojo McDonnell loves Retro round and he wants the return of the rock and anchor to be wheeled out to the middle by guys in overalls and he’s calling for the inflatable shipping container tunnel for the players to enter the field. Meanwhile the Chief may be the only Freo supporter who isn’t in love with the green retro guernsey!
So if you’re looking for something to drown out the noise of the torrential rains, feel free to click play and turn up the volume. You’ll soon learn to appreciate the racket of water hitting your roof again! Finals are virtually off the table but there is always something fascinating for the Freo Folk to figure.

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