May or Maynard Have Infringed


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We might have been Fyfless but we were far from lifeless and we’ve now made it 4 wins from 5 games against the Magpies at Marvel Stadium. Plenty to cover in the Restump Podcast review of Saturday’s thrilling win.
Did we just get a beneficial case of 3 birds 1 stone? Losses to the Swans, Eagles and Magpies have left the September door ajar for us to sneak a purple foot in. We’re still longshots to snare a finals berth but we’re closer than we were last week.
In this episode we talk the impressive performance, the team-oriented flavour to the victory as individuals fulfilled their team beneficial roles. There was a little bit more of a focused defensive mindset than in recent weeks but coach JL nailed the offensive / defensive ratio balance.
Speaking of a combined defensive offensive mindset, Josh Treacy put the fear of God into the Pies backline. His work off the ball, including a massive 20 pressure acts, was an influential a game as anyone out there turned in. Still can’t believe we got this guy on the rookie list!
Trav Colyer played one his best games in purple, Jimmy Aish continued his super form and Blake Acres found throwing his ample size around makes life easier for him and his teammates.
Take a sample of Switkowski’s work and then picture another 25 games and a preseason or two added to it….. his was a good signing during the week.
Lachie Schultz got well amongst it, Tabs tapped out allowing Crowden into the game with some medical candy to sell and Lobb got reward for effort returning to his marking best.
Mundy was Mundy-like and, in the absence of Fyfey, its safe to say the future captaincy is in highly competent, influential and extremely hard working Andy Brayshaw hands.
Jojo McDonnell misfired with his $26 bagpipes gag and the Chief brings us home with another longwinded but important relations building Neighbourhood Watch segment.
All that and plenty more purple pollutive nonsense no one asked to hear. As masks at the moment are apparently mandatory in certain situations, we advise wearing one over each ear to keep you safe from potential listening.

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