No Day Off For Ferris Bewley


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It appears we’re at the MCG Saturday evening but, to be honest, we wouldn’t bet on it even with stolen money! It's time for The Restump preview podcast of the Saturday's vital clash against the Blues.
The contest this weekend just became a little bit more important with Gold Coast doing us a favour taking down the Tigers as that top eight door just edged open a fraction wider for us. We can’t all fit through yet but maybe Taylin Duman, if he turns side on, might sneak through and ensure it doesn't close.
So with results falling our way, it’s now up to our purple people on the MCG paddock to take advantage of it.
Round 3 earlier this year the Blues picked off a couple of youngsters and the Freo faithful hasn’t forgotten. Let’s hope the team hasn’t either and its put to positive motivational use. With Captain Fyfe back in the team Cripps will have to pick on someone his own size on Saturday.
Zac Williams out on suspension is a big plus for us and Carlton’s general down back, Sam Docherty, is apparently injured…. although grapevine chatter suggests he may have said, “To hell with that, I’m not standing in front of the Cyclone.”
The supremely talented and influential youngster Sam Walsh should have a date with fellow youngster Caleb Serong and his quality negating skills and someone needs to keep an eye on Ed Curnow who routinely is seen with the ball in hand, against us.
You may have kicked 7 goals last time around Harry McKay but have you met Mr Pearce? Griff and DJ Luke will control the remaining big guys while Sonny Walters will regain his magic and put Adam Saad in the shade.
And after two super performances, Ferris Bewley has set tongues wagging...... hopefully he doesn’t get any wagging ideas. Ferris Bewley’s day off is Sunday!
It was Tassie, then Geelong and we’ve ended up at the MCG. All the ducks are lining up and there’s an anticipatory buzz in the air. The Blues are ripe for the pickings and we just cannot afford to let this game slip.
What better way to knock off 45 minutes on your lock down Friday by listening to a good purple podcast! If you can’t find a good one, click play and listen to this one instead.

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