Not For The Saint Hearted


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The Purple Apostles beat the Saints in God’s Country and then we need a Hail Mary so we pray for a Miracle. It’s the Restump Podcast preview of the vital clash against the Saints.
Well, we’ve been given more than our fair share of lifelines this year and fortunately we made the most of the recent one last week against the Eagles. It all now comes down to this Sunday, so all we can do is win and then it’s all up to the universe.
Our part of the equation isn’t exactly a walk in the park because we’re 2 wins and 11 losses down in the Apple Isle. To make matters worse we haven’t played in Hobart!
However, against the Saints in Tassie we’ve played twice and its one win all and both games were 1-point margins! It can’t get much tighter than that!
With the inclusion of future Captain Andy Brayshaw, our chances get a boost, and a double bonus considering the Saints suffered Max outage with King heading to the side-lines.
The Saint’s Jack Steele is in phenomenal form, so curtailing his influence will go a long way to securing the points keeping our faint finals hopes alive. Few if any have been able to stop the Man of Steel this year but he hasn’t come up against a Serong yet!
Jojo, yet again down in the south west swanning about the wineries, touches on a little bit of contract chatter while apparently there’s something about the Conca Truck’s demise and departure that just isn’t cricket, according to the Chief. He’s launching a new “What’s the Grease Reece” campaign to get the skinny on the situation. Although it may have to wait a year or so!
It’s been an understandable fluctuating year but we’re in a very good space. Regardless of the result on Sunday, a fiercely fought contest against the Sainters will be a highly encouraging way to end the year, should we fail to advance into September action.
If the Saints knock us over on Sunday remember there are always silver linings. In that instance look at the positives…. at least this will be the final Restump Podcast Preview noise polluting the airways in 2021.
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