Prodigal Son


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Well we thought we’d just predominantly play the waiting game until the draft. That didn’t last long with the constant flow of news coming out of Cockburn! Time to Restump Podcast the host of happenings.
Lachie “the Prodigal Son” Neale apparently wants to return to the purple. While no doubt we’d all love to see him back in the midfield, we’re all mindful we don’t stray from the path. The farm and or kitchen sink are not part of the equation.
While Brownlow Lachie wants in, another Lachie signed on. Loyal Lachie Schultz opted for Freo’s 2 year deal ahead of his home town Hawks 3 year offer. It’s kind of difficult to not be proud of him.
Jojo McDonnell tells us Jordan Clark is committed to Freo if a deal can be done and he says Tim is speaking West Aussie English!
Somehow despite the cuts to the soft cap we found room and created a roll for Bulldog Bob to fill. Not sure exactly what it entails or if it was even necessary but it seems a popular appointment, despite the Chief’s lackluster reaction.
Boatloads of purple news unfolding by the hour so, unlike the Restump podcasts, there isn’t a dull Docker moment. But click play and see if we make any sense of it all.

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