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Considering it has been the case since 2015, we should be used to watching Freo free finals. However, there's always that ache in your heart. No Freo footy but there’s plenty of purple prattle.
While we might not be playing finals we haven’t missed out so far in awards season. Andy Brayshaw and, as Jojo refers to him, the late Adam Cerra were selected in the best AFL 22 under 22, with the former receiving vice captaincy honours. He also went on to claim the Geoff Christian medal.
On the back of his 2020 rising star win and superb 2021 season the coaches couldn’t split Caleb Serong and Noah Anderson for the best young player award.
We talk the delistings. Were they harsh, fair, and will another club throw them a lifeline? Will Freo throw any of them a relisting lifeline?
The Cez chatter is set to increase. He’s chosen the Blues and it may well set up a reintroduction with Ross ‘the Boss’ Lyon. Adam might want to stop in at the local florist before the possible rendezvous.
What’s the starting point in terms of trade worth? Can we put the faith in Belly to get it done at the negotiating table once again? Is Sam Petrevski Seton or Zac Fisher part of the conversation?
We don't want to light any fires but we'll lob it in there anyway.... it seems all has gone quiet on the Rory story. Is he not enough Gold for the Suns on the east coast?
Thoughts on having Rosco Lyon back in the AFL coaching ranks.
And lastly Jojo brings us home with a distasteful, in more ways than one, closing quandary.
Sure, we’re nowhere near as entertaining as a Ross Lyon press conference but there’s a purple void in the Freo football fan landscape at the moment and we’re doing our bit to fill it. So click play and you’ll get a stark reminder of the value of the sound of silence.

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