Sayonara September


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We’ve had numerous chances to secure a spot in the eight in recent weeks with results falling our way and while it is still mathematically possible, sadly it is seemingly sayonara September for the 6th successive season. The Restump Podcast reviews Sunday’s clash against the Swans.
Sadly, we couldn’t get it done for Dave Mundy as the Swans spoiled the great man’s milestone match. We can’t put all the blame on the Swannies though as we were our own worst enemy constantly butchering opportunities. A lack of cohesion and, at times efforts, didn’t help our cause either.
Should Fyfey have played? Hindsight says, probably not, but it seems the club rolled the dice on what looked like their final chance. The surgeon is now calling.
Sean “Swaggy O” Darcy battled on like a warrior but his knee is now restricting him. Do we rest up the big man and get him right for 2022 and say to Lloyd “Braun” Meek, the last remaining games are yours, make them your own?
Andy Brayshaw showed once again why he is a lock for the future captaincy role and while no one knows whether he’s staying or going, we got a reminder that its going to really hurt if Cerra chooses the latter.
Our forward line, admittedly a compromised one, functioned like a machine in desperate need of oil and we got little to no offensive and defensive input from our forward of centre smalls.
Our backs did all they could under difficult circumstances, especially Alex Pearce on a very angry and frustrated and now one week suspended Buddy. No one could contain the magnificent Isaac Heeney though.
The negatives were thick and plenty and they’ll play their part in the season’s end review and subsequent decisions that need to be made. However, there were a couple of very nice positives to dwell on, if only for the sake of us fan’s general wellbeing.
Sure, he may have played his part in presenting Isaac Heeney with mark of the year, but Hayden Young was a sight for clanger damaged eyes. He showed off glimpses of those super slick skills we’ve been severely deprived of. And the oxymoronic named Brandon Walker, not yet a top gun but looking like a young gun, showed a level of speed that Lt Maverick said he was in need of. Speed, skills, evasive tactics….. he’s far from ready but he’s growing in confidence and looks a future jet.
Some big decisions will need to be made soon, with Bailey Banfield, Brett Bewley, Adam Cerra, Reece Conca, Mitch Crowden, Taylin Duman, Stefan Giro, Stephen Hill, Lloyd Meek, Lachie Schultz, Leno Thomas, Darcy Tucker, Tobe Watson and Nathan Wilson all being out of contract at season’s end.
Sunday morning football never feels right but the 10.30am has absolute knobs on it!
All that as well as an episode of the Neighbourhood Watch which feels like the Chief put as much effort into as a Bailey Banfield chase!
So if too much Freo football talk is never enough and you click play on this pod to ease any potential void, get yourself checked out because you’re obviously not well. This 60 minutes should be listened to only as a booster shot. See your ear specialist if listening desires persist.

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