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Some wish for world peace, an end to world hunger or a cure for cancer. All noble gestures but we don’t want to burden the Gods, four points and a signature will do us! It’s the Restmp Podcast preview of this Sunday’s game against the Bombers.
We haven’t beaten the Bombers in Victoria for over a decade. 2010 round 2 we were last triumphant so to see how it was done we’ve gone to our wise elders, David Mundy and Stephen Hill, who were prominent in that contest.
The Chief is confident in our chances and he’s backing the soon to be great again Michael “Sonny” Walters to return to form at the $4.50 to get 20 plus disposals. You've been warned if he asks to borrow some money.
Sadly we lost Freddy last week but a current signatureless Adam Cerra and Sam Switkowski look likely to be recalled. At least one further out will be required but that’ll all get confirmed a tick or two before the first bounce!
Jojo McDonnell weighs in on the Eagles' WAFL demands, we respectfully cover the Willie Rioli saga, the West Coast Eagles get caught out in another 'loose with the truth' episode and the Neighbourhood Watch makes a rare appearance.
If you have 45 minutes spare to listen to this purple oriented nonsense then it is blatantly obvious you have too much time on your hands. But click play anyway and start wearing purple.

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