Sunday Bloody Sunday


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Sunday, Bloody Sunday, it wasn’t a Beautiful Day and regarding premierships cups, its safe to say We Still Haven’t Found What We’re Looking For. It’s the final Restump Review podcast for 2021, the traumatic season ending loss to the Saints.
Rolling out of bed for the 10.15am bounce down was tough enough and then we hear Adam Cerra a late withdrawal. With everything to play for and so much on the line, it wasn’t an ideal start to the day.
A few minutes in Lloyd Meek fumbled and bumbled what should’ve been an easy mark and goal before Matty Tabs did likewise. Signs weren’t great!
The intensity was up but the inaccuracy was back. 1 goal 4 at the first break, we went in 10 points down when we should have been three goals up. We were playing catchup from the start and we all know that rarely ends well.
It went from bad to worse on multiple fronts. Switkowski did a hip, Darcy did a hip and when Brayshaw took a big hit but thankfully recovered, the injury report half way through the game was literally Hip, Hip, Hooray!
The scoreboard deteriorated as did our faint hopes of finals. This team of kids were no match for the seasoned Saints.
Old Man Mundy turned up again, Brayshaw’s toughness and work ethic is mind-blowing, Caleb Serong is worth his weight in bitcoin and Hayden Young…. help me Bob…. this kid is heading for greatness.
The forward line remains dysfunctional. Centre clearances were 16 / 7 our way. Inside 50s were even. Yet we went at 34% disposal efficiency Inside 50 while the Saints went at 46%. There needs to be relentless drill work in the off season.
We ended the day on 6 goals 13, with two goals late in the game. We fell to 11th and returned to Perth with our bruised and battered egos.
So, the season comes to an end once again without us seeing September action. However, when you look at the Brayshaws, Darcys, Serongs, Youngs, Henrys and Chapmans…. the strong suit of defenders, a Treacy and maybe finally a Sturt…. We’ll see you soon September!
The positive about the end of the season is that you're only subjected to the Restump review podcast this one last time for the year. Click play.... you've got the summer for your ears to recover!

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