How Andrew Quit His 6-Figure Job in 9 Months With His Land Investing Business


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079: Today we’re talking with Andrew Flanagan.
(Show Notes:

Andrew is someone I’ve noticed in our Facebook Community over the past couple of years as another helpful voice who asks good questions and gives good feedback to others.

A few weeks back I noticed him post something about how he was able to use the land business to quit his 6-figure job within 9 months and that apparently, he said he owes a large percentage to the stuff we’ve been putting out there at REtipster.

Any time I see this, I’m like, “WOW! I want to know more!", and I’m sure the REtipster audience would love to know more too.

So today, we’re having another one of these land investor success story conversations to find out what the road map looks like. Not everyone has to take the same steps or follow the same timeline, but chances are, we’ll all learn something new from this.

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