What it Really Takes to Succeed at a Tax Deed Auction - Interview w/ David Krulac


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097: Not long ago, I did a little experiment where I attended over a dozen different tax deed auctions in my home state.
(Show Notes: REtipster.com/97)

After spending a lot of hours picking out the properties I wanted to bid on and assessing what I thought they were worth, I spent weeks participating in these auctions, and I didn't have much luck finding any amazing deals there, but I took special care to chronicle everything I experienced and published it as a 4-part blog series (you can see them linked below).

Now, just when I was ready to swear off ever attending another tax deed auction, I got an email from this guy named David Krulac.

He told me that he has bought hundreds of properties at Tax Deeds Sales, he’s been buying for many years and he’s still buying now… and I realized, this guy must know something I don’t!

Since I wasn’t able to brag about my own success stories in this realm, I wanted to get David on the show so we could find out (from someone who has actually done it hundreds of times), what was I doing wrong? What should my expectations be at a tax deed auction? What properties should or shouldn’t I be going after? How great is this opportunity, really?

In this episode, David is going to share a wealth of information from his decades in the business, and he'll show us what it really takes to find great deals at a tax deed sale.

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