Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) Questions: Q&A #2109


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Jim, Chris, and Peter Scott pick up from EDU Show #2108 to continue the discussion and answer listeners questions relating to charitable remainder trusts (CRTs).

(4:00) A listener asks a question about when CRTs are appropriate and who they’re appropriate for.

(13:45) A couple with a disabled son looks for clarification on the details of how much CRTs can pay out to beneficiaries.

(28:00) A listener wonders whether the beneficial use of CRTs only applies to taxable retirement accounts or Roth retirement accounts as well.

(33:35) George describes a potential provision of CRTs and looks for clarification as to whether it can be useful to get higher distributions from the trust itself.

(41:00) A listener calculates the costs for administrative and tax filling fees of CRTs and asks if it’s a reasonable cost assumption or not.

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