Social Security, IRAs, and Book Recommendations : Q&A #2106


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Jim and Chris sit down to answer listeners’ question regarding Social Security, IRAs, and give a couple financial book recommendations.

(2:40) A local Coloradoan is referred to Jim from a colleague in Fort Collins to answer a Social Security question.

(13:00) George from West Virginia looks for clarification on spousal Social Security benefits and how they are calculated.

(18:50) A listener asks for advice on whether to save into a Roth 401k and do backdoor Roth conversions or to continue saving into a traditional IRA and 401k plan.

(25:45) A returning listener provides clarification on a previously asked question and looks for answers about WEP and GPO.

(31:00) Georgina from Texas asks for the best time to start taking survivor benefits from Social Security.

(57:30) A Californian listener asks for the best book recommendations concerning retirement and financial planning.

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