REShow: Bruce Feldman. Hour 3 (10-23-20)


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Rich recaps his greatest fear and why he can relate do Daniel Jones embarrassing trip on Thursday Night Football (2:15). Brockman runs through the latest news from the world of sports including the latest NFL injury updates, and an update on the health of Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera, and a debate on if when the NBA should let fans back into arenas (10:47). The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman and Rich discuss the return of Big Ten football, Nick Saban’s covid-19 scare, Ed Orgeron’s coaching journey in college football, and if Michigan’s schedule is toughest in their conference (22:03. The guys run through the best view submissions for the name of Mike Del Tufo’s new boat along with their High-Register Tepid Takes, Chris Brockman’s Sneaky Good Games, and Rich’s Unlockiest Lock of the Week (41:07).

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