REShow: Micah Parsons & Dan Campbell - Hour 2 (04-23-21)


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Penn State All-American linebacker Micah Parsons tells Rich why he believes he has the drive and ability to become one of the best linebackers in the NFL, reveals which teams are the most interested in drafting him and if he played Rock-Paper-Scissors vs Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni, and why reaching the NFL means much more to him than just getting to play football on Sundays.

Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell tells Rich how he’s getting his coaches involved in this year’s RunRichRun campaign, when he first knew he wanted to become a coach during his 11-year NFL playing career, how legendary head coach Bill Parcells influenced his no-nonsense coaching style, why he’s “fired up” to have Jared Goff as the Lions QB, his team’s approach to the draft with the 7th overall pick, and how his family (and dentist) reacted to his “teeth kicked in” comments at his opening press conference in Detroit.

TJ and Brockman wrap up the hour revealing who they predict the Cowboys and Patriots will select with their first-round picks in next week’s NFL Draft.

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