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How do you find life purpose? How do you challenge self-limiting beliefs about identity and potential? Before you can answer these questions, you must first find your tribe.

Our instrument for this inward voyage is the voice and prophet of all things action sports, Selema Masekela.

For the uninitiated, Selema cannot be defined as any one thing. He’s a badass surfer, snowboarder and skater. He’s a beloved television commentator and journalist, best known as the face and voice of ESPN’s X-Games, a show he hosted for thirteen years. He’s a filmmaker and Emmy-nominated producer who has collaborated with many a media outlet, including E!, NBC, ABC, NatGeo, RedBull Media and VICE. And he’s a social activist, passionate philanthropist and accomplished musician.

But more than anything, Selema is a truly gifted storyteller. An extraordinary human with a truly unique and compelling backstory. And a relentlessly curious narrator of the human experience.

Today we break bread. And let’s just say you’re in for a ride.

This conversation recounts an extraordinary life well-lived.

It’s about the confluence and influence of music, art, water, creativity, and storytelling.

It’s about race and athletics. The progress many industries need to make to truly be accessible and equal to all. And how sport holds the power to break outdated paradigms.

It’s also about giving voice to passion. Amplifying narratives less well told. And a love affair that spans a diversity of interests—from late night Birdland jazz session to dawn patrol barrels.

But more than anything, this exchange is about carving out a life that aligns with your passion. It’s about community and the experiences shape who we become. And it’s about connection and the things that make us uniquely human.

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Warning: Selema’s story is one for the ages.

Peace + Plants,

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