The Richard Syrett Show - January 5, 2022 - No Excuse for Closing Schools, Staff Shortages at Hospitals, & "The Dumbest Generation Grows Up"


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Catch up on what you missed on an episode of The Richard Syrett Show. Infectious Diseases Physician & Clinical Associate Professor at University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Jennifer Grant discusses why closing schools at this point is inexcusable. Senior Researcher of True North News, Cosmin Dzsurdzsa on staffing shortages at hospitals across Canada. Tony Heller fights back against Climate Change Alarmism. Ontario Director at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Jay Goldberg speaks about the little time Premier Ford has left to provide tax relief at the pumps. Independent investor of Rubicon Capital & Unofficial COVID-19 data analyst, Kelly Brown on the fabrication by Public Health as to how many unresolved cases are leading to hospitalizations. Plus, Author, Professor Emeritus of English at Emory University, and an editor of "First Things," Mark Bauerlein explains his new book: “The Dumbest Generation Grows Up: From Stupefied Youth to Dangerous Adults.”

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