The Richard Syrett Show - January 6, 2022 - Trudeau's Latest Comments On the Unvaxed, & Kids Turning in Parents Involved in Capital Riot


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Catch up on what you missed on an episode of The Richard Syrett Show. Managing Editor of Blacklocks Reporter of Blacklock's Reporter, Tom Korski on how Canadians driving gas & diesel cars could soon be taxed to finance green rebates and also court documents detailing an alleged $5 billion bread price-fixing scheme with 7 of Canada’s largest retailers as defendants. Writer & caWsbar Member, Mia Ashton fights back against radical gender ideology. Staff Lawyer at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms discusses whether Prime Minister Trudeau’s comments about unvaccinated are in violation of the Criminal Code. Known worldwide as “America’s Psychiatrist,” Dr. Carole Lieberman M.D., M.P.H. talks about kids turning in parents on January 6th and the unheeded warning sign. Federal Director at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Franco Terrazzano speaks about CMHC-funded researchers yesterday proposing a $6 billion annual equity fee on taxpayers it depicted as “lazy” homeowners.

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