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Bomani weighs in on the outbreak of COVID-19 amongst the Marlins that has caused the cancellation of games, including why he thinks it is an indicator of troubled waters ahead for both the NFL and college football (1:03). Should Lou Williams have been put on blast for getting “Magic City” wings whilst outside of the bubble (21:31)? Why some NBA owners are taking out loans against their franchise's value (34:26) and more. Plus, an IYHH including a clandestine UFO sector within the government (42:29) and your voicemails of the biggest lie someone has told on your behalf (53:38).

IYHH Stories

  1. @skippyd on the Pentagon having “off-world vehicles not made on this earth”: https://bit.ly/2BCnHLC
  2. @hannah_denham1 on makeup for men finding a niche due to the rise in video calls: https://wapo.st/2P6wdWi
  3. Man saw neighbor's garage in half due to property line dispute: https://bit.ly/3335bHD

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