38. The Case of the Rocky Mountain Mishap (and Even More Tour Breakdowns)


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We're back this week with even more terrifying and ridiculous car-related misadventures! Brandi provides a detailed PSA on why you should never use cruise control while driving through the Rockies in the wintertime, Katie lays down the law on the absolute necessity of learning to drive a stick shift, and Krista and Tara deliver an open love letter to neuroscientist Andrew Huberman (call us, Andy!) Next, Katie regales us with a Seinfeld-esque story involving her NHL-drafted cousin, a giant owl, and not one but TWO tow trucks, and Tara recalls an Alabama gas station breakdown with a very unsettling Tiger King twist. Finally, we all reminisce about a few narrow rental car escapes we've had over the years. Nothing a little spit-polish can't fix!
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