39. The Case of the Sixth-Sense Sisters


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Just in time for Halloween, we're bringing you our spookiest episode yet: enough real-life ghost stories to fill a whole haunted mansion, told by FOUR different guests. First up, we welcome back musician and horror queen Morgan Lander, co-host of the Witch Finger Horror Podcast! She fills us in on what she's up to lately with her current project, Karkaos, we discuss proper screaming technique, and she tells us about some very weird happenings at a notoriously haunted theatre on one of Kittie's first tours. Next, Brandi's sister Brette joins us to shame Brandi about her overall lack of Game of Thrones knowledge and tell a whole bunch of tales about her creepy childhood sixth sense (yes, THAT sixth sense). Not to be outdone, Krista brings on her own sister Tara. Once we figure out how to differentiate between the two Taras, we're rewarded with a story about the night she and Krista were BOTH separately visited by a ghost; plus, we get a bonus scare involving a very unsettling Body Snatchers-style incident with her then-newborn son. We round the episode out with some goodies from Tanya Candler, original bass player for Kittie and host of the 21st Century Rocker Mom Podcast, who has a whole family legacy of spirits. Boo!
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