42. Corb Lund: The Case of the Margaret Atwood Yodel


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This week, it's the incomparable Corb Lund! This born-and-raised Alberta boy has a history as an artist spanning 25+ years, including ten albums, three gold records, and a literal armful of awards.
We chat about all-ages shows and metal, clear up the pronunciation of "Nice Horse", and try to get Corb's 81-year-old barrel-racer mom on the show. Then we get serious and dig into all the important stuff behind his newest release, "This Is My Prairie", which also features Brandi and Katie as guest artists. This song, in Corb's words, "voices the solidarity we feel with ranchers, urban and rural Albertans and First Nations communities in strongly opposing coal mining in the heart of our Rocky Mountains", and he fills us in on some of the history behind this important movement and how he became an anti-coal advocate.
Finally, we talk about being a musical weirdo, Corb's acting career, and the art of writing "fun tunes" - plus, Corb tells about the most terrifying moment of his entire career (no spoilers here, but it involves Margaret Atwood AND Joni Mitchell). Buckle up - this one's a ride.
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See Corb in "Time Stands Still", running Nov 18-28, 2021 in Calgary, AB
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