44. Don Amero: The Case of the Post-Gig Fight Club


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This week we welcome one of our very favourite Canadian singer-songwriters to the show - Don Amero! This JUNO nominee hails from Manitoba and is one of the sweetest and most talented dudes you'll ever meet.
First off, we reminisce about Brandi's old van, Ruby, Don gives us the rundown on his recent gig with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (!), and we discuss how best to escape the polar bears in Churchill, MB - plus, Don's got a great coldest-show-ever story of his own, and he tells us what he thinks makes Canadian music is so damn good. Then Don, who is of Cree and Métis heritage, shares with us his super generous education-forward approach to his social media, and digs the complexity behind his performance of the Canadian national anthem at a Winnipeg Jets game following the discovery of the remains of 215 Indigenous children at a former residential school in Kamloops, BC. We cap it off with an inspiring chat about what it means to approach what you do with an attitude of service and leading by example, and Don tells us the most hilariously awkward road story we've ever heard. Check it out!
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