#103 Alex Humen


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On this episode, we have the owner instructor of the brand new Brabo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Virginia Beach Virginia, Alex Humen.

Alex has a very unique martial arts journey, one that started in his homeland of Ukraine where he wrestled for over 10 years. Then Alex traveled to several other countries as a college student and trained whenever he could. But several obstacles kept Alex from starting his Jiu Jitsu career.

Listen to how Alex overcame these obstacles to become a successful competitor and now a new academy owner. Here is The RŌL Radio with the inspiring, entertaining, and most handsome man in BJJ, Alex Humen.
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Episode Highlights:
4:15 Teaching is the Easy Part
6:21 Starting Out in Ukraine
9:40 Training Obstacles
18:48 This Guy Just Destroyed Me
22:39 More Obstacles
25:05 Moving to the US
28:52 Falling in Love with Jiu Jitsu
39:17 Three Groups of Jiu Jitsu Students
43:11 Academy vs Gym
44:42 Vibes and Community
51:22 Traditions
1:03:58 Gary and Alex become Friends
1:05:18 Luca Atalla’s Question
1:09:54 Any Haters
1:12:01 Technical Difficulties
1:17:47 Jiu Jitsu is the Ocean

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