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Today’s guest spent 15 years in Law Enforcement before opening his own BJJ academy and now as he puts it, eats, lives, and breaths Jiu Jitsu.

On this episode, Danny Savery discusses despite good intentions, the difficulties of incorporating Jiu Jitsu into Law Enforcement, what an officer really goes through during altercations, what it took to make the move from Law Enforcement to Academy owner, and what is necessary to run a successful academy and motivate students.

Here is the RŌL Radio with 3rd Degree black belt under Andre Dedeco Almeida, owner and head instructor at Danny Savery BJJ & Martial Arts Academy, Danny Savery.

Episode Highlights:
3:05 Bringing Us All Together
8:37 Law Enforcement and Jiu Jitsu
26:45 Danny Gets His Start
31:00 Jiu Jitsu Drops the Risk Factor
36:05 Jiu Jitsu in Practice
39:05 Danny’s Transition to Teaching
51:59 How To Motivate Students
58:29 At Least There’s Water in the Cup
1:03:00 Five Questions

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