#74 Adem Redzovic


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This week’s guest Professor Adem Redzovic is a F2W veteran, has run academies in the U.S and Europe, produced amazing BJJ Instructionals, and taught seminars at some of the most respected academies in the world.
On this episode, Professor Adem discusses injury recovery as we age, longevity in the sport, the mental, physical, and emotional connections made in Jiu Jitsu, and so much more.

Here is The RŌL Radio with the owner and instructor at the Downtown Jiu Jitsu Club, Professor Adem Redzovic.
Episode Highlights:
6:08 The Art of Recovery
16:22 Mental, Physical, Emotional Connection
25:02 Bonding Over Jiu Jitsu
33:30 Sharing the Knowledge
43:39 Is Jiu Jitsu for Everybody
54:36 Teaching Styles, Methodology, and Vibes
1:06:26 Five Questions

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