#95 Matheus Lutes


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On this episode, Matheus Lutes joins us to discuss his road from one of the Jiu Jitsu world’s top competitors to a new academy owner. Matheus knew from the time he was a purple belt that he would be an academy owner and he never had a Plan B. Today he describes how everything he did while training and competing was to help him achieve his goal of owning a world-class gym and how he made his vision for his family’s future into a reality. He also describes how he dealt with the pressure he put upon himself to achieve his goals on and off the mats and how the setbacks he faced made him the successful person he is today.

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Episode Highlights:
4:35 Building a Brand
12:40 Matheus’ Vision
16:28 No Plan B
20:16 Making Peace with Pressure
26:09 Biggest Setback
34:09 First Day on the Mats
39:19 Everything I Have is Through Jiu Jitsu
40:46 Why Academies Are Not Successful
44:17 Learning to be an Instrutor
51:28 Junior College vs Harvard
55:27 Ricardo Almeida’s Question

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