#98 Adam Singer


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On this episode, we have a world-class coach and one of the owners of SBG Athens, Adam Singer.

Toady Adam discusses the anxiety he has instructing classes, his unique coaching philosophy, the importance of failure and what he calls failing smarter, his beliefs on what makes a champion, nature vs nurture, and more.

This is a really deep conversation with a coach who has developed multiple world champions, most notably former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin. Here is The RŌL Radio with third-degree BJJ black belt, Adam Singer.
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Episode Highlights:
3:41 Dealing with Anxiety
8:19 Not Giving Students the Answer
12:22 Failure is Their Teacher
16:38 Lecture vs Coaching
20:00 Failing Smart
23:49 We All Need to Fail
32:34 Coaching Striking vs BJJ
38:11 Are You Born a Champion
51:39 Joe Schmo Jiu Jitsu
55:48 Managing Expectations
1:02:53 Position vs Submission
1:04:07 Jiu Jitsu at Any Age
1:18:39 Drew Weatherhead’s Question

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