How to Become a Realtor (Pt. 1): Caroline Boland


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Thinking of becoming a Realtor? With the housing market on fire throughout the U.S., many are considering a career pivot to the real estate business. But is it for you? And what are the requirements, anyway?

On today's episode, we talk with Caroline Boland, a real estate instructor in Fort Myers, Fla. Besides teaching classes at RPCRA, Caroline is on the teaching staff at Larson Educational Services, where she is also director of instructor training and development. And yes, she's a Realtor and broker as well. Caroline shares a few classroom stories, walks us through the requirements to become a Realtor and provides insights into what it takes to become a successful Realtor.

We also get to know Caroline a little better in the Lightning Round, where she reveals a few of her favorite things. And here's a fun fact about today's guest: For the past several years, Caroline has been a play-by-play PA announcer for high school basketball and baseball games, and even auditioned to be stadium announcer for the Boston Red Sox spring training games at Jet Blue Park.

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on becoming a Realtor.

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