RunOut #81: The Sanctity of Space


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What’s better: cragging it up in a full-on scene filled with gumbies and noobs, spray bros and crusher queens? Or going off to some obscure choss pile in the middle of nowhere and enjoying the quiet solitude of nature all by yourself? We debate the pros and cons of scenes vs solitude and come to the conclusion that, no matter which one you choose, either way the only person laughing at your jokes is still just you. Next, Freddie Wilkinson and Renan Ozturk join us to talk about their new film The Sanctity of Space, a feature-length film documenting their Tooth Traverse of the Moose’s Tooth massif in Alaska. The film, however, is a rich exploration of many profound themes in climbing, and a really compelling portrait of Bradford Washburn, the aerial mountain photographer, scientist, and mountaineer whose photograph was the original inspiration behind this ascent. Last but not least, Jonathan Howland reads a passage from his new book Native Air. Show Notes The Sanctity of Space — Showtimes Instagram: The Sanctity of Space. Freddie Wilkinson. Renan Ozturk. Native Air by Jonathan Howland. Jonathan Howland website. Become a RunOut Rope Gun! Support our podcast and increase your RunOut runtime. Bonus episodes, AMA, and more will be available to our Rope Guns. Thank you for your support! us Send ideas, voicemail, feedback and more. //

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