RVE 167: Overcoming Overwhelm with Dr. Samantha


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On today’s episode, I’m interviewing a dear friend of ours named Dr. Samantha, author of the book "Overcoming Overwhelm". Alyssa and I met Dr. Samantha how we’ve met a lot of our friends over the past few years. We were passing through her city and she invited us to park our RV in her driveway.

Even though we just stayed a few days together, there have been so many things that Dr. Samantha shared with us that have stuck with me, specifically around self care and our health. While she’s not an RVer, I brought her onto the podcast because she specializes in the area of overcoming the feeling of overwhelm and she works with many entrepreneurs.

A few things we cover in this episode:

  • Understanding stress and overwhelm
  • Identifying where it is coming from in your life
  • Determining your values and what is most important
  • Using your values and other insights to overcome overwhelm

Connect with Dr. Samantha and learn more about this episode here.

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