RVE 171: Building a Brand That Can Outlast Amazon Competition


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On today’s episode, I chat with Jenni Reichert about how instead of just creating another Amazon dropshipping business, she decided to build a brand that can outlast the ebbs and flows of Amazon competition. We dig into the beginnings of her business Baja Baby, which started as a baby product rental company and grew to include her own line of organic baby products, and also what it has been like to transition this business for life on the road.

A few things we cover in this episode:

  • How Jenni got the idea to start a baby product rental business
  • What you need to do to start and build an Amazon brand that lasts
  • What goes into creating the formulas for organic baby products
  • How Jenni has transitioned her business to fit the RV lifestyle

Connect with Jenni and learn more about this episode here.

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