RVE 200: Start small, start now (with founders of TheDyrt)


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As entrepreneurs sometimes we feel like we have to wait until everything is perfect to ship our product. No matter how many times we hear that "you should be embarrassed of your first prototype", we still push back bringing our idea into the market. In this episode I chat with Sarah and Kevin (co-founders of TheDyrt) about how they took the most simple version of their idea and brought it to market. They didn't procrastinate or over analyze, they just went with version 1.0 and got started. My hope for this episode is that it can be a kickstart for whatever idea you're pushing off into the future. About TheDyrt: The Dyrt has one of the largest and most reviewed campground databases, with over 40,000 campgrounds and 1m reviews. It is the #1 grossing travel app in the IOS store with a new user joining every 26 seconds and over 1.5m people who visit The Dyrt every month. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rve/message

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