182: Build a Sales Team from the Ground Up w/ Michelle Pietsch


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In this episode of the Sales Hacker Podcast, we have Michelle Pietsch , VP of Revenue at Dooly , which streamlines sales workflow and saves reps 5+ hours per week. Join us for a standout conversation on building sales teams from the ground up at high-growth startups.

What You’ll Learn

- How to handle massive growth expectations

- The importance of investing in infrastructure in the team

- Hiring SDRs to create demand

- Why the discovery process is always an improvement area

Show Agenda and Timestamps

- About Michelle Pietsch & Dooly [2:10]

- Building sales teams from the ground up [8:08]

- Being in the early growth stage with sales [11:15]

- Effectively coaching reps for improved performance [16:40]

-Improving the discovery process [18:57]

- Paying it forward [25:10]

- Sam’s Corner [27:01]

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