187: Category Creation & What Sets You Apart From Competitors


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In this episode of the Sales Hacker Podcast, we have Veronika Riederle, Co-Founder & CEO at Demodesk, a customer meeting platform company she launched in 2018 that’s bringing in seven figures with a global hybrid remote team. Join us for a stunning conversation about why now is the perfect time to found a company and create a new category.

What You’ll Learn

  1. What’s surprising about starting a company today
  2. The virtual meeting space has barely begun to evolve
  3. Articulating your product in a way that creates a category
  4. How to differentiate in a crowded environment

Show Agenda and Timestamps

  1. About Veronika Riederle & Demodesk [2:20]
  2. What’s surprising about founding a company today [8:25]
  3. Why we should disrupt human communication [13:08]
  4. Differentiating your company in a competitive environment [15:30]
  5. Making gender in leadership a less controversial topic [22:45]
  6. Paying it forward [24:50]
  7. Sam’s Corner [27:30]

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