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Before our episode, we want to thank some of our very lovely Patreon supporters for keeping things running at The Sartorial Geek. So thank you Kimberly, Emily, Victoria, Ashlyn, and Maddie!

You all know Alice and Nina as the two lovely humans who co-run our #SGFashionFix challenges, and I’m so excited to have them back today to discuss one of their other nerdy ventures: The Galactic Coven.

The Galactic Coven is a crew of Star Wars-loving friends that evolved from a group chat about The Mandalorian to an entire weekend of digital fan celebrations (happening right now). To fill a little bit of the hole in all of our hearts this weekend without Star Wars Celebration, the Galactic Coven is putting on a series of virtual events that you all can take part in!

From panels to a Star Wars gala, there are so many cool conversations and challenges you’ll want to check out. Follow @galactic_coven on Instagram to keep up with all of their Star Wars fun, and we hope to see you at #GalacticCovenGala this weekend!

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