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This week’s episode is sponsored by the wonderful geeky illustrator Karen Hallion. Click here to check out her beautiful art and her Patreon!

Liz and Jordan are back to chat about the second Sartorial Geek Kickstarter!

We’ve spent most of 2020 trying to pivot/survive this new chaos, and our Kickstarter campaign is our pandemic solution to The Sartorial Geek Boutique. Because we can’t showcase our favorite geeky brands at cons this year, we’re highlighting them in our Editor’s Pick Quarantine Survival Boxes!

Jordan’s box will be nerdy/pop culture themed, and Liz’s is fantasy themed. You can get both for $80 or just one for $45 (plus shipping). By supporting this Kickstarter, you’re supporting us AND the 10+ businesses we’re working with. And for that, we sincerely thank you.

Listen to the end to hear Liz’s unofficial (but now official) stretch goal announcement, and please share this link with your friends if you can:

We fully funded within 24 hours, which is freaking amazing, and you have until Oct 22 to join!

Thank you so much for your constant support, and stay nerdy!

Special thanks to our editor + music composer Dan Ison and our executive producers for this episode LoganArch and Karen Hallion.

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