Should I Watch Charmed? With Rose Del Vecchio


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Hello and welcome to a new series we’re starting on The Sartorial Geek podcast!

One of the things we hear most from you, our wonderful audience and friends, is that you love getting recommendations for new geeky things from us, whether it’s through this podcast or our online hang or our magazine or our website. And honestly, that’s one of my favorite things about this nerdy community, too.

So, since in-person conversations aren’t happening at conventions right now, we’re doing our best to bring those talks to you right here!

We’re starting a new series called “Should I Watch/Read/Listen to/Play” . . . you get the picture. This is a non-gatekeepy conversation where we tell you why we love the things we love and who else we think would also love them.

For our first chat, we’re welcoming Rose Del Vecchio (from Box of Shadows) to talk to us about why she loves the original series Charmed. I’ve never watched it, so Rose gave us a nice primer about what she loves most about the show and what she thinks will be most compelling to new listeners.

Are you a Charmed fan? Have you seen the original or new series? Let’s chat about it!

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