A Midsummer Night's Funk!


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Johnny Kielbasa pounds a tap into the tree of funk and a steady stream of Bottlerocket Pudding Syrup gushes into his bucket and yours. Act 1 blasts off with a binaural tiki-taka pongload of rhythmicality and a few blasting doppleganger nardknockers Act 2 is a superorgan hellfugue followed by a wah wah clavinet puddingfunk fantasia that summons trick-or-treat every day of the week. Act 3 is an angry guitar slobberknocking wah wah inversion rocketshot up through the constellations and back down to the smoking scorched earth When you're done with that astronomy lesson, go to JohnnyKielbasa.com, search for "funk", and enjoy Johnny's other hours of free funk made just for you. Binge away on The Sausage Hut Podcast! The vast majority of our podcasts are evergreen/untopical. All the musical jams you hear are produced and performed by Johnny Kielbasa. All the keyboard and guitar deliciousness you hear is improvised by Johnny in real-time. Follow Johnny on Twitter: @JohnnyKielbasa Check out our awesome videos on Instagram: johnnykielbasarocks

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