CyberPhunk 2022 11: Sneak and Peak!


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Johnny (as V in the game) Johnny dives into more side adventures in and around Night City. He heads north to the oil fields north of the city and doesn't find much of anything. Then its time for side jobs! Reported crime: Don't Forget The Parking Brake Johnny takes the northernmost side job here. He has to dive into oily fluid and swim to the bottom to get some cargo out of a van that was either driven off a ledge or drifted in after not engaging the parking brake! Cyberpsycho Sighting: Six Feet Under Johnny sneaks around trying to subdue the cyberpsycho, Lely Hein. He accidently kills him once, so he tries the mission again and successfully executes a non-lethal takedown to complete the mission. Gig: Lousy Kleppers Johnny happens upon a warehouse full of armed thugs. He tries to sneak in and around by disabling some cameras and using some non-lethal takedowns. It's not easy. Johnny takes several attempts at it, getting more and more annoyed each time. Binge away on our 500+ evergreen episodes! All the music you hear on these podcasts is written, produced, and performed by Johnny Kielbasa. Follow Johnny on Twitter: @JohnnyKielbasa Check out our awesome videos on Instagram: johnnykielbasarocks

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